Approached by the State Government, through Citelum, our subsidiary in Mexico manufactured the motifs that illuminated early May, one of the most important holidays in this country; Puebla Festival takes place within the framework of commemorating the battle of May 5.

With key elements and icons, the Desing Studio America prepared different motifs referring to this celebration with giant structures, 4 domes of 12 meters, three replicas of the Star of Puebla 8 meters high, scenes, characters, cannons and a hundred banners alluding to the event.

With this project, Blachere develops the diversification of its products, and its ability to support different projects, events and festivals. We are a leading company, providing complete solutions for creative lighting in order to create more beautiful places and happy cities.


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NL June 2015

The new Nostalgia garland is a flagship product of the 2015 Blachere Illumination range.

Nostalgia has started to develop old bulbs while proposing a subtle modernity emanating from Led technology.

Declined in stalactite or Garland, you can choose the tone of white you wish.


The warm white will remind the incandescent bulb.

Nostalgia will reproduce a classical and symbolic garland of last years by using the Led technology.


It’s a nice way to celebrate Christmas in the tradition.

The pure white will bring modernity and will make a boreal atmosphere.


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Since the opening of Blachere Illumination Turkey in 2012, we quickly became an important reference in Turkey and all around the world with festive illuminations.


Among our customers there are many shops, hotels and shopping centers.


As Blachere Illumination Turkey we are also in charge of the Middle East area and some countries of the ex USSR.


Started in March, all departments of Blachere Illumination have worked on this project to achieve it with success. Indeed, the company is represented in South Korea with, again, a great scope project. 

The original idea was inspired by Harrods project, which highlights the edges of the building including the technological aspect of lights.

Some keys figures about this project:

– More than 5150 Iled Balls used to illuminate and animate the facade of this historical shopping centre in Seoul.

– More than 120 bespoke elements manufactured specially following the building dimensions.

– An endlessly programming thanks to our RGB product

Puerto Venecia is not just another mall, it is the largest Shopping Resort in Spain. The project arose from a joint venture between two major real estate companies in Europe: the British Land Company and Orion Capital Managers. 206.000m2 which shelter the most famous worldwide and European brands.
Blachère has been selected among the best Christmas decoration companies in Europe, to decorate the center when it first opened on October 3rd, and then for his first Christmas.
We presented the project “CHRISTMAS IN PUERTO VENECIA BY BLACHERE SPAIN”, which was the result of a profound desire to make the difference in ornamental lighting, allying originality, creativity, social and environmental responsibility. Some figures about this project: more than 650,000 points of light, 15 tons of equipment, 21 people for installation, 7 articulated platforms, 10 days and 11 nights.

The old stones in the streets of the city centre add warmth to the atmosphere and are an ideal setting for a dazzling lighting display. This lighting contrast brings out the beauty of the architecture and its worldly embellishment : the Christmas illumination.

The news pure white LED provides an intense light. This clinically cold white brings out the sépia tints of the buildings and the surrounding urban lighting.

With the new materials that we have chosen for their inventiveness, toughness and suitability for our graphic lines, we can offer illuminations for daytime and night-time.

In Lorraine, the coming of Santa Claus has been celebrated with joy since 1477. The Patron Saint’s great procession goes through the entire Old Town and past the Musée Lorrain to end up in the magnificent gold and scrolled wrought iron setting of Place Stanislas.

The illuminations create a magical atmosphere in perfect harmony with the city’s baroque style. The passive decoration, color gold, remind the doorway’s ornement of the Nancy’s principal place.