Galeries Lafayette, the new chic !

Three, two, one …
The magic happen
The large Christmas Tree of the Galeries Lafayette highlighted by Blachere Illumination

Breaking News !! This year Jean Dujardin himself will officially inaugurate the Champs Élysées illuminations by Blachere,  planned for Wednesday, the 18th of november
An eclectic award-winning  actor, who will be without any doubt an exceptional sponsor for Blachere parisian emblematic project.


On the first and 2nd of november, Mexicans will celebrate the dead and build altars in different styles, with sacred offerings to accompany them.
Blachere Mexico is proud to participate to this cultural tradition by decorating cities with colorful symbolic illuminations.

As we do each year, Blachère Illumination are organising open days.
Come and see us from 10 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. on 28th and 29th November 2015, there’s plenty going on:

Visit our main showroom…
Check out our illuminations and then, using the photo booth we’ll be installing specially for the occasion, pose with our giant marmot!

Decorate your Christmas tree and dinner table…
The Store offers a brand-new range of deco objects and garlands to decorate your home and garden.

Drawing competition for children…
Children can put their letters into our luminous letterbox in front of the entrance to the store and might win the chance to see their first names in rope lights.

The Fondation Blachère expose Dakar…
The Fondation is presenting her new exhibition from 20th October 2015 to 23th January 2016, at its art centre in Apt (Vaucluse, France), Dakar, a laboratory of contemporary art ?

A wide range of ethnic decoration…
The Boutik offers jewels, textiles and furniture by African designers all in the true spirit of fair trade.

Enjoying spending time together…
You can have lunch on-site at the P’tite Cuisine.
There will be a break for snacks offered by the Fondation team with free mulled wine, Christmas tea and various treats.

So we hope plenty of you will come along to enjoy the party with us!


The brand-new Christmas 2015 range is here!

Blachère Illumination are innovating with a passive range which complements our range of luminous objects, and we’ve got even more innovation on the way with connected products such as our Bluetooth snowman speaker!

15 october 2015 > 23 january 2016

Opening 22 october

This new exhibition will present the works of artists awarded and/or spotted during the Dak’Art 2014 and invited in residence to establish a picture of contemporary art by artists from Africa and from diaspora. This last biennial paid tribute to Edouard Glissant and his conception of the “Tout-monde” (“all world”).


From November 2014 to August 2015, 7 creating residences were organised in Fondation Blachere (Apt), but also, and for the first time, in La Somone, near Dakar (Senegal).

The works created during theses stays will be presented in this new winter exhibition in our art centre.

Blachere illuminates our patriotic feelings

In the September dawn, Mexico lives its metamorphosis of colors and dresses with its flag to celebrate the patriotic month. Adorned squares, houses and streets with garlands and lights to prepare for 15 and 16 of september and to sparkle in the ecstasy of the independence party. Around the typical dishes, Mexico recalls Hidalgo’s cry at the sound of the bell of Dolores … some patriotic elements that identify Mexico worldwide.

Blachere Illumination joins the national holidays with designing various bespoke figures that show the respect for his culture, his history and his traditions. In 2015, the Quetzalcoatl stands out, a monumental figure of the main deity of Mesoamerican culture: The Feathered Serpent. This character is coming from the quetzal –a legendary bird of Central America- that refers to the pre-Hispanic mythology of the Mexican people, strong in their ancestral roots; just as strong as our emotion when in the middle of the night you can hear in unison the traditional cry: Viva Mexico!

Paris . Avenue Montaigne. September 10th, 2015 . 6pm … Pop ! Pshittttt ! Vendanges Montaigne 2015 has just been launched.
For the past 25 years, the Comité Montaigne has been celebrating the vendanges and this social event became the place to be every autumn.

Blachère had to be part of it.
The prestigious Montaigne avenue unites the most beautiful french and international luxury houses.
Therefore our project needed to be up to the level.
Bunch of grape symbol and champagne color seemed obvious for the event…
Two different styles of laquered metal totems were used to sequence the gathering along the avenue.
Powered by independent batteries we were able to install them in front of each 45 participating boutiques.

Facing the VIP tent, the 12000 leds (mix of warm white and flashes) composing 4 giant totems were « sparkling » as champagne, star of the party.
The evening has been a great success, as a proof of that many guests have adopted the light sculptures by taking poses and photographs in front of them while champagne was flowing.